Netscape Video

September 16, 2006

Just a quick post say I told you so 🙂


What’s do they have up there sleeves

September 1, 2006

This member chat, will we be chatting with each other soon? And this video player,  scapetube anyone?

done moving

September 1, 2006

Quick Update: I’ve finally finished moving and can get things back in order; don’t think I got the job at netscape; oblite is moving along well; multisubmit is too.

The Bloggy Politic

August 24, 2006

The project that originally took me away from my netscape adventures, and I guess I can reveal it because I think it’s dead in the water, was The Bloggy Politic. An idea by the now Netscape Navigator msaleem, I developed and designed the entire site from the ground up. With m’s new job it might take away from this but I still think it’s a great idea.

A nibble or RE: position

August 23, 2006

I’ve received a reply from C.K. over at asking for my resume and if I’d be willing to have a talk with Tom. Of course I will. You see when you’re not in a tech position, but always wanted to be, it’s like a dream coming true. When you go to college and take tech related courses you’ve got a good idea of what you’re going to do but when you’re just some guy then you take what you can get and hopefully you don’t hate it enough to quit and start over. Again because of my lack of formal education I think it will continue to hold me back. Don’t take that as a lack of confidence because I am almost a superman (I have full faith in my ability to do anything, that’s right, anything) but it’s the technical parts that scare me. Not being formally trained I can be asked a typical question, something I do all the time, but I might not recognize the industry name for it. I make up for my lack of formal training with pure moxie!

I’ve also had a stroke of genius and am making a downloading project that will help distribute the bandwidth associated with putting large files on the internet, not bit torrent, or even small files that get downloaded a lot. It will probably only take a couple days to build the windows based downloader as well as the PHP backend. I could sure use some lessons in promoting though.


August 21, 2006

Unrelated, to anything, I’m working on a javascript framework that will make creating web applications much easier for everyday people, and me. I know, I know, another javascript framework? Especially when so many exist, why would I attempt it?

Take dojo for example, great bit of code, allows the creation of pre-made components, applying effects, functions that do not exist in javascript, etc. Well mine does that as well but it’s simple and anybody can understand it.

for example, take creating a checkbox in dojo:

var chkbox = dojo.widget.createWidget(“Checkbox”);

Simple enough but look at what you’re doing, would an average person understand that? And you still have to code the position and other common tasks.

have a look at oblite:

System.checkbox(‘chkTest’,’Check me’, 0,0, 150);

That’s it, it creates the checkbox with the text ‘Check me’ at the supplied position. In addition to that you get instant access to the object:

alert(chkTest.checked()); //returns true if the box is checked

Further more you get instant access to common events via a typical javascript function:

function chkTest_onclick() {

alert(chkTest.checked()); //returns true if the box is checked


dojo calls their objects ‘widgets’, I like components better. The checkbox above is an example of a component that is created independently of the System code or the web application that calls it. Components can be created and added in the same manner shown above.

I’ve got a got bit of the system worked out and quite a few components: listbox, button, static, textbox, checkbox, html, textarea, effect, timer, window, ajax, designer, tabs, browser, popupmenu and menustruct

I’m loving this 🙂

I want to work for netscape.

August 21, 2006 is hiring and I applied. I doubt I’ll be offered any type of position but it would be perfect for me. I can work from home and now that I’m a single dad this would make life so much easier. I’d even work cheap. Problem is that I didn’t even obtain a High School diploma much less any college degrees. When I was 17 my mother passed away which forced me to go straight to work foregoing any chance to further my education. An unfortunate set back. I do have a good bit of experience developing for the web and I’m a fast learner. I’ll have to see what happens without getting my hopes up.

MultiSubmit beta

August 12, 2006

I decided to one up DiggScapeRedlicious and create a bookmarklet that allows website owners and bookmarkers to submit one bookmark to multiple websites. MultiSubmit beta has a customizable list of twelve popular social bookmarking sites. After choosing and saving which sites to submit to, you can drag the MultiSubmit bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar (if you don’t customize, it defaults to reddit,, digg and netscape.) It takes you step by step through the submission process. After submitting to one, off you go to the next. This tool should not be used by spammers and if I find it’s being abused I’ll either turn on registration and monitor submission habits or I’ll kill it all together.


DiggScapeRe…ahhh forget it

August 11, 2006

It seems the diggscaperedlicious bookmarklet is sort of popular. I’ve made many things on the web and this one was a throw away, I’m shocked it’s achieved this much attention, go figure. Apparently one person thinks I work for Netscape 🙂 I’m not employed by Netscape (but I could sure use a job right about now hint hint, east coast, nice guy, creative thinker, hard worker, good leader) So I just thought I’d drop a note saying I’m proud of my little boomarklet and give a shout out to Jason Calacanis who requested it. I don’t know where it would lead to but I posted a business model on Calacanis’ blog.

Also a quick note: this blog is the 45th highest ranked blog on…watch out Robert Scoble! 😉

P.S. I seriously need a job, I work cheap 🙂


August 10, 2006

I’ve been working on a project this past week and I’m guessing it will consume quite a bit of my time so posting will be sporadic at best.