Netscape’s tags bug makes the ‘feature’ unpredictable

I’ve been posting quite a bit over at and have notice a bug in the tagging system that destroys most of the tags submitted. In this story the tags were supposed to be: plagiarism, blogs, blogoshpere, cedo but came out as: abbr titleplagiarism, blogs, blogoshpere,cedoplagiarism…abbr. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it.

A quick search on google reveals that I’m not the only victim of this bug. In fact it reveals that quite a few stories have been hit by it. Without access to the server side code I can’t begin to help debug it. I could not see any preformating of the tags using javascript.

The bug does not appear in previews, it only shows it’s ugly head after the submission has been made.


5 Responses to “Netscape’s tags bug makes the ‘feature’ unpredictable”

  1. Alex Rudloff Says:

    Nice catch!

    This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I will most certainly add it to our bug list!

    Thanks! 🙂


    Alex Rudloff Developer

  2. Andy Says:

    Add spaces after your commas, e.g.:

    plagiarism, blogs _instead of_ plagiarism,blogs

  3. obline Says:

    sure no problem, I’m glad I could help.

  4. D28twang Says:

    Could a feature be added so that we can see/edit our stories before we hit the ‘submit’ button, maybe?

  5. D28twang Says:

    ..and maybe a spell check?

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