Why I’m a fan of Netscape.com

I used to use digg, not religously but I’d stop to check out new stories. Awhile back I began to notice that digg was quickly turning into a democratic mess. I’m not the only one to notice this at the time but the popularity of digg obviously shows that most people enjoy that format. Ok. So what do I do, continue using a service I dislike? No. I actually sat down and wrote a competing site at leve1.com. It was very much a digg clone but slightly different in that you could vote stories up or down. It also supported tagging, a friend finder and story recommender. Netscape.com supports all of these features. leve1 also supported a threaded commenting system that also allowed users to vote on comments (you can see this system now at digg, after I implemented it at leve1, not accusing, just making a note). Netscape doesn’t offer a threaded comment system but it will in the future, I guaruntee it. Digg also has rampant fanboys and the kissing of ass their has led to several inside jokes with my friends. leve1.com has since been taken offline because I just didn’t have the time to devote to it but it could be seen as a mild success.

Netscape supports alot of the features I added into my own site. Great minds think alike? 🙂


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