More on Tags

Rex over at his blog has brought up an interesting point about Netscape’s homepage tag cloud I wrote about earlier.

I also wonder if you put in multiple tags if each tag counts as one, and what if you put the same tag about 10 times.

I wonder this myself, although I do not want to try it out of fear as I don’t want to abuse their system but if any netscape devs are reading…can you look into this?

His post also got me thinking about how hard would it be to literally take over the entire cloud? It looks as though there are about 60 tags in the cloud which would mean submitting 600 120 stories (I forgot that each story can have 5 tags), so I doubt it, BUT it’s not out of the question that a spammer would do this. They’ve jumped through more hoops before.

Is this a serious issue that needs to be addressed or am I reading too much into it?


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