Finding new stories

I seem to be in a complaining mood but my goal is to make a great experience for all.

Is it me or is it harder-than-it-needs-to-be to find new stories? There are a lot of options to find stories but where do I go to get the absolute newest submitted stories? Clicking on a channel takes me to the ‘hot’ stories, which is great, but where are the stories that we just posted? And how are the stories organized? I see stories that were posted 5 days ago, granted they have a large number of votes, but why is it still on page one when on page two there are stories only 2 days old with a large number of votes? I guess what I’m asking is what type of system is set up and how does the Netscape Anchors effect this system?

I hate to compare the new Netscape to digg, and I have my issues with their system, but with enough clicks I can get newly submitted stories. For example: where in the News channel can I click to get the most recent story submitted? As it stands I currently get my newly submitted stories from the tags, which is flawed, sort of, and the anchors. I appreciate the idea of the Anchors selecting stories (although I disapprove of Anchors pinning their own stories) as people who just want the latest headlines shouldn’t have to dig through tons of news and unrelated posts to get to it. But I’d like to just click a couple times and be at the latest stories submitted for a particular channel.


One Response to “Finding new stories”

  1. Chris Says:

    You can use the Tracker: to follow the latest submissions, comments, and even user signups. I don’t know about category-specific tracking though…

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