Jason Calacanis…Genius.

On Jason’s blog he posted a follow up to his offer to pay ‘social bookmarkers’ but the line that got me thinking was:

To be clear, we will offer positions to the top Netscape users down the road.

Wow. Genius, pure genuis. I’m being sincere. This explains why he’s so successful. Not only does he actually pay people to submit stories but he leaves the window open for virtually anyone down the road to get paid as well. I wonder how many users on Netscape right now are seeing this as motivation to submit stories, hoping for a payday down the road?

If there are even small number of people doing this then Jason has made a very good decision. He pays twelve people to do what they are doing anyway and at the same time inspires others to start doing it in the chance they might get paid as well. Brilliant.

So my question to any Netscaper’s: anyone out there submitting stories hoping to get paid later on?


Diggtrends.com also claims that “many [Digg users] have realized the value of being a top user and probably are aiming for Netscape money.” Their reason for that claim is that many new digg users have surfaced since Calacanis made his offer and the number of submissions has increased dramatically. One poor digg user has submitted a total of 428 stories since 19 July, but none of them was promoted to the frontpage.



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