DiggScapeRe…ahhh forget it

It seems the diggscaperedlicious bookmarklet is sort of popular. I’ve made many things on the web and this one was a throw away, I’m shocked it’s achieved this much attention, go figure. Apparently one person thinks I work for Netscape 🙂 I’m not employed by Netscape (but I could sure use a job right about now hint hint, east coast, nice guy, creative thinker, hard worker, good leader) So I just thought I’d drop a note saying I’m proud of my little boomarklet and give a shout out to Jason Calacanis who requested it. I don’t know where it would lead to but I posted a business model on Calacanis’ blog.

Also a quick note: this blog is the 45th highest ranked blog on wordpress.com…watch out Robert Scoble! 😉

P.S. I seriously need a job, I work cheap 🙂


One Response to “DiggScapeRe…ahhh forget it”

  1. //engtech » Social Bookmarking Made Easy Says:

    […] A Netscape employee An industrious East-Coaster has put together a bookmarklet that allows you to save to Reddit, Digg, Netscape, and Del.icio.us with one click. This is essential, as there are way too many social bookmarking sites out there. I can see why Netscape wanted this, because if they can get people submitting to Netscape along with the “Top 3″ then they might generate enough users and traffic to meet their lofty goals of competing with Digg. […]

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