MultiSubmit beta

I decided to one up DiggScapeRedlicious and create a bookmarklet that allows website owners and bookmarkers to submit one bookmark to multiple websites. MultiSubmit beta has a customizable list of twelve popular social bookmarking sites. After choosing and saving which sites to submit to, you can drag the MultiSubmit bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar (if you don’t customize, it defaults to reddit,, digg and netscape.) It takes you step by step through the submission process. After submitting to one, off you go to the next. This tool should not be used by spammers and if I find it’s being abused I’ll either turn on registration and monitor submission habits or I’ll kill it all together.



3 Responses to “MultiSubmit beta”

  1. Chris Says:


  2. obline Says:

    I saw those, you beat me to it, they didn’t do to hot. Well not as hot as diggscaperedlicious, may be it was the catchy name 🙂

  3. bookmark software Says:

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