Unrelated, to anything, I’m working on a javascript framework that will make creating web applications much easier for everyday people, and me. I know, I know, another javascript framework? Especially when so many exist, why would I attempt it?

Take dojo for example, great bit of code, allows the creation of pre-made components, applying effects, functions that do not exist in javascript, etc. Well mine does that as well but it’s simple and anybody can understand it.

for example, take creating a checkbox in dojo:

var chkbox = dojo.widget.createWidget(“Checkbox”);

Simple enough but look at what you’re doing, would an average person understand that? And you still have to code the position and other common tasks.

have a look at oblite:

System.checkbox(‘chkTest’,’Check me’, 0,0, 150);

That’s it, it creates the checkbox with the text ‘Check me’ at the supplied position. In addition to that you get instant access to the object:

alert(chkTest.checked()); //returns true if the box is checked

Further more you get instant access to common events via a typical javascript function:

function chkTest_onclick() {

alert(chkTest.checked()); //returns true if the box is checked


dojo calls their objects ‘widgets’, I like components better. The checkbox above is an example of a component that is created independently of the System code or the web application that calls it. Components can be created and added in the same manner shown above.

I’ve got a got bit of the system worked out and quite a few components: listbox, button, static, textbox, checkbox, html, textarea, effect, timer, window, ajax, designer, tabs, browser, popupmenu and menustruct

I’m loving this šŸ™‚


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