A nibble or RE: netscape.com position

I’ve received a reply from C.K. over at netscape.com asking for my resume and if I’d be willing to have a talk with Tom. Of course I will. You see when you’re not in a tech position, but always wanted to be, it’s like a dream coming true. When you go to college and take tech related courses you’ve got a good idea of what you’re going to do but when you’re just some guy then you take what you can get and hopefully you don’t hate it enough to quit and start over. Again because of my lack of formal education I think it will continue to hold me back. Don’t take that as a lack of confidence because I am almost a superman (I have full faith in my ability to do anything, that’s right, anything) but it’s the technical parts that scare me. Not being formally trained I can be asked a typical question, something I do all the time, but I might not recognize the industry name for it. I make up for my lack of formal training with pure moxie!

I’ve also had a stroke of genius and am making a downloading project that will help distribute the bandwidth associated with putting large files on the internet, not bit torrent, or even small files that get downloaded a lot. It will probably only take a couple days to build the windows based downloader as well as the PHP backend. I could sure use some lessons in promoting though.


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