Welcome Redlicious and DiggScapeRedlicous?!

August 10, 2006

Calacanis requested a reddit/delicious bookmarlet and I was happy to oblige. I even took it up a notch (BAM)by combining the DiggScape and Redlicious bookmarkets to create DiggScapeRedlicious!

Check out MultiSubmit for submitting to many more sites.


Netscape Story tracker revisted

August 3, 2006

Wow, this killed my server. I can no longer offer this service but when it gets back on line I’ll continue to host the files if others want to add them to there site.

Netscape Story tracker for your site

August 3, 2006

I’ve been working on a way to implement Netscape’s story tracker into a website. The live tracker represents a problem because of the cross-site AJAX blocking, obviously for security reasons. So I’ve written a PHP and JavaScript solution that anyone can upload to their server and have newly posted stories on Netscape appear live. It requires you to have a website with access to PHP.

For those of you with out PHP I’ve written a static Netscape story tracker as well. It will show new stories when your page is loaded.

For anyone wondering how it works:

Both versions connect to and download the latest stories from Netscape’s tracker. It caches the stories, as to not hammer the Netscape server, and serves up the stories. The live version attempts to get new stories every 30 seconds and, obviously, the static version waits for a page reload.

Get your copy here. Feedback would be awesome!

Ok, I’m over it.

August 3, 2006

C.K. wrote me a message explaining why he did what he did and while I still disagree I’m over it. Like I told him: it’s not a vanity issue. I’m not upset just because it was my blog, I was upset because it was my story. Even if I linked to a poorly written MSNBC story I don’t think it should be removed so another story, even a better story, can get more votes. “Stories Submitted and Voted by You.” I leave that as my final thought on the matter.

Wow, just wow.

August 3, 2006

I was the first to blog and post to Netscape about the new Navigators but my submission was ‘removed’ so people wouldn’t see it and instead C.K. has told the users to go see another story. I don’t even think digg would remove a story so a better would would be dugg. I have to say I’m disheartened by this. I sent C.K. a message asking him why he would do that to my submission rather then just pinning the better story and just letting mine fizzle out. I’m curious.

This is a deal breaker. If my stories suck, fine, let them fade away but don’t remove them. I don’t even care if you encourage users to go see the better story just leave mine alone.

Netscape’s Paid Bookmarkers at a glance

August 3, 2006

Ousama is currently the second highest ranked user on reddit.com, and apparently he was the highest for awhile. (He wrote to let me know that he was “the top til yesterday actually at Reddit. I lost the top position for one reason only because I stopped posting on Aug. 1 So Kam took over. But for the record you can check with spez and kn0thing at reddit i have held the number 1 slot the longest ever. Kam only got to the top 1 time before and that was becuase i was on vaction for 2 weeks.”) He never spoke out against Jason’s offer and will probably be an excellent addition to Netscape.com. Reddit folks may find it harder to submit stories. Reddit is a basic ‘submit link’ bookmarking site. Some selected comments:

Responding to another user who was approached by Jason link

BioGeek, I remember our early on competition when you were ahead of me, and I slowly went on to become the number 1 poster. I am like you on this situation, I enjoy the reddit community and also feel like the founders care about us. I mean spez and kn0thing are an email away from me if I have any issues.

wayjer came from digg where he was/is ranked 11th out of all digg users. I can tell from his comments that wayjer was a little apprehensive about the new Netscape but he played it cool. Judging from his submissions he prefers to submit real news as opposed to the often glut of webapalooza seen on digg. Should do well on Netscape.com. Some comments:

Responding to a by Alex Rudloff link

You (Netscape) have an opportunity here. Anyways I am signed up on your site and I am trying to get into it but I am still strong with Digg, they have changed a bit and there are some things I dont like and some things I do like. I do have to say I like what you did in the short amount of time.

Comment on a story posted at Netscape.com link

Hello I am wayjer, an avid digg user http://www.digg.com/users/wayjer/profile anyways, I just want to drop in my 2 cents, I absolutely can not stand the ads in the center of the page, that is something that would keep me away from here, I can deal with the adds on the right side of the page because I have grown used to it, but in the center of the content is an absolute irritant….Will mess around and comment more.

dirtyfratboy is currently the third highest ranked submitter on digg.com. He is also probably the most notable digg user after AlbertPancio. Being another digg submitter he should find the transition quite easy. From his posts I can see that he’s a tech guy but dabbles in Videos and other typical-of-the-internet sites.

Repsonding to Jason Calacanis on his blog link

Why and how is it financially possible that I spend so much time on Digg (7 hours a day according to Jason)? Well, I don’t have a job as I am currently a student. Even though “Jason” calculates that 15 minutes is spent on every story submitted, it’s pretty much impossible to find a high amount of quality material by randomly searching through news sites. Sometimes my friends refer me to sites and other times I look through other news sites. Most of my time is spent browsing through sites on Digg, just like everyone else. I certainly don’t work for Digg, but this site does combine technology and headlines news, two of my favorite topics.
As wayjer puts it: “I love the fact that any time I sign on to digg I am amazed about something I had just read.”

In a comment posted on digg in response to a “digg vs. Netscape” story

The “weird” stories that Digg features may not have a thing to do with the state of the world, but they’re interesting. If I just wanted world/breaking news, then I would have no reason to visit Digg. Reuters, AP, etc. cover that stuff. The “average” people already are bombarded by news outlets. I’m actually beginning to see Digg as a kind of refuge where I can hunker down and get my tech news, interesting tidbits, and maybe some *key* reports on the state of the world.

corey.spring is currently, and from what he writes, will continue to be, a huge contributor at newsvine.com. Corey is more than a typical ‘social bookmarker’ he is a writer. By picking hot stories and adding his own commentary he has built a good following of fans. It’ll be interesting to see how he shifts from writing articles to just submitting them.

Replying to a post on Calacanis’ blog link

It’s a tempting offer, but it appears the new Netscape has had quite the backlash with the regulars. Having your readers automatically discount your work because you are part of a ‘perceived problem’ is not attractive to most writers online AND off.

On his own post of Jason’s offer to pay top bookmarkers link

Jason Calacanis, head of the new Netscape (which has been ‘peeved’ many of the long time users of the site) has a new solution to turning his website around… buying off the top users of other social news websites.

Whether or not this is addressing the fundamental problem on Netscape.com (users not liking the new site), I think it will take more than a few power users to turn things around before AOL cuts the leash. I don’t know that will be enough to sway many of the angry users of the new Netscape.com, though. But who knows – most people have their price…

Neophile aka Bloodjunkie is currently the second most popular user at digg.com. He typically submits interesting news stories and his style will fit it really well at Netscape.

Replying to a post on Calacanis’ blog link
It is going to take a lot more than $1000/month to get me to jump ship on digg. I honestly don’t know that you could put a price on it. The people that use digg are where the real value is for me.

Jordon and TomBiro were already employees of Weblogs Inc. an AOL company started by Jason Calacanis.

A New Group of Navigators Show Up

August 2, 2006

Netscape.com just added 6 new Navigators to the mix: wayjer, TomBiro, Jordan, corey.spring, dirtyfratboy, Neophile and Ousama. I may be mistaken but I don’t recall seeing this many Navigators before. One name really jumps out: dirtyfratboy. You may remember him from digg fame and I’m assuming the rest are from digg, newsvine, reddit and the likes. It ought to be interesting times.

Search Stories You’ve Submitted on Netscape.com

August 2, 2006

Went looking for a story I submitted earlier but couldn’t find it so I decided to search for it. I looked for a way to search the stories I’ve submitted but I didn’t find anything. No problem, Google is a wonderful tool. I set this page up real quick so I can use google to search my stories. Returns near perfect results with the only problem being is if the story hasn’t been indexed yet you won’t find it.

Big Money, Big Money…Stop!

August 2, 2006

A quick follow up to this post earlier. I decided to shoot Jason an email asking him straight up if this is the outcome he predicted:

One question about your payments to bookmarkers: Did you envision that your offer would inspire others to begin aggressively submitting stories to Netscape (add or other bookmarking sites) in off chance they would get paid?

You’ve blogged about the diggtrends article and I’m curious if this is just a happy side effect or was it your intentions all along? If so it’s very clever.

Jason replied:

it has been clear to me from the start that money would be appealing to people, yes. 🙂

A big part of our mission is to educate people on this space… And this space has been in the news nonstop since we entered the race.

This is the answer I expected to get, not gloating but confirming my suspicion.

What followed after that I found to be a little funny:

I should’ve asked this before hand: Is it alright if I post your reply on my blog?


What is your blog?






Good stuff

Having fun with netscape tags

August 2, 2006

I usually reserve the tag space for relavent text but if I’m not sure what to put or I’ve covered the basics I like to have a little fun.

Story: Gated community impedes emergency workers. Tags: emergency, yuppies, i hate my life

I can get a little bit jealous at times.

Story: Anderson, Kid Rock marry in St. Tropez Tags: pam anderson, celebrities, my name is kiiiiiiid rock

It is his name after all.

Anyone else find themselves poking fun using the tags?